Service Prices

Machining: Conventional machining CZK 360 /hr
  CNC machining CZK 600 /hr
  Elektroerosion work CZK 550 /hr
  Tin work and welding work CZK 300 /hr
  Designer work CZK 400 /hr
   All machining work is performed at prices agreed-on in advance and binding to us.
Paint shop: Acrylic paint CZK 1,080 /kg Big picture
  Frosted paint CZK 1,500 /kg
  Transparent lacquer CZK 542 /l
  Paint mixing CZK 55 /pc
  Paint shop work CZK 220 /hr
   Upon checking the car (part) and agreeing on the concrete scope of work to be done, we present you with a binding price quotation. Spray-painting of a car component (fender, hood, etc.) ranges between CZK 1,000 to 1,600 per piece. Spray-painting of a whole car ranges between CZK 13,000 to 20,000 . All prices quotations are VAT exclusive (19%).