Company Profile

   Founded in 1996 by Milan Neshyba and Iveta Neshyba, Kova Jemnice s.r.o. has specialized from the beginning in piecework and small-series production of instrumentation.

   In 1997, we launched made-to-order production with five employees operating conventional machines. As the volume of production began to increase, the company gradually had to upgrade its machines to the level of CNC technology, perfectedinstrumentation, and gauging technology.

   At the present, we are full set up for production of pressing jigs and molds(see menu Machines/Equipment). In addition to this specialized production, we make plug gauges, fitting jigs and special gauges, as well as parts and sub-systems for manipulation and assembly machines or complete production lines.

   Most of our production 80% is exported to the countries of the EU, mainly Austria and Germany.

   Our technological provisions consists of chipping and electroerosion machines, grinding technologies, MIG and TIG welding technologies (plasma welding is done by outsourcing). Moreover, we operate our own paint shop with a mixer of acrylate paints and a spraying box. We also perform thermal and galvanization operations by outsourcing to Czech or even Austrian companies, as necessary. To the extent of our limited capacity, we also offer designer Work (molds/forms, jigs).

   As of 1.1.2005, Kova Jemnice s.r.o. has 48 full-time employees and 13 external contract workers.